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This article is about making money through URL SHORTENING  which is the easiest method for all to earn good money just by sharing the links.
Sharing links become a habit for internet users. We always share website links with our friends especially on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube etc. Some blogger or other people also share downloading links in their blog/websites or through emails.
So, why not to make money by sharing URL (links) anywhere, anytime. Yes, depending on your work you can get paid by handsome amount of money. In this method of making money, you need to just to Shorten your Links and share them anywhere to earn money online. When anyone clicks on your given URL, Short URL wait for 5-10 seconds and then it will redirect to original destination link.
By this way, the company can pay you, paying rate are different for different companies website. Depending upon the companies they generally pay in between 0.40$ to 3$ per 1000 views on the URL. These companies also provide referral system, means if anyone joins with your referral link then you will also get about 10-20% commission of their earning.

#1 MOV.AL : Highest Paying URL Shortener

MOV.AL is new free URL shortening service website with more creative ideas and the important point is that you can use their Full Page Shortenig Script and make money with links in very easy way. MOV.AL will pay you 0.40$-3$ per 1000 views for promoting their Shorten Link. Your earning amount (payment) will be send automatically on the 10th day of each month.
  • Minimum Payout: 5$ through Paypal or 20$ through Payoneer
  • Referral Earnings Rate: 20% commission on referrals – lifetime
  • Link: Register for MOV.AL account.